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Saturday, March 12, 2016

My Collection of Hair Photos

I have not posted in a while, but with more and more women choosing cold caps during chemo, I get a lot of questions about the success of using caps and how much hair I was able to save.  I collected all of the photos I could find of myself during and shortly after chemo so I could post them.  I hope this allows some of you questioning the caps to see how things worked out for me more clearly.  I hope this helps!  If you are thinking about caps, they really did work for me although I felt doubtful that they would work at times.  I felt like I kept shedding and shedding and was so worried there would be nothing left.  Well I was wrong!  I never had to wear a wig.  I did add in some hair extensions towards the end of chemo and after, but no one would ever know. 

Here is my hair a few days before chemo:  March 1, 2011

Chemo #1 was on 3/3/2011  (Taxotere and Cytoxan)
Chemo #2 was on 3/24/2011
Chemo #3 was on 4/14/2011
Chemo #4 was on 5/5/2011
These photos were taken 4/19/2011 - after my third chemo

These photos were taken 4/23 after 3 rounds of chemo:

This was taken 5/8/2011 - just a few days after my 4th and final chemo:
This photo was taken 5/15/2011 - only two weeks after finishing chemo!
This photo was taken 5/27/2011 - only 3 weeks after finishing chemo!

This photo was taken on 6/28/2011 (7 weeks after chemo finished)

These photos were taken the first week of August 2011 - on vacation celebrating being cancer free and done with treatment!  (about 13 weeks after finishing chemo)

This photo was taken 9/25/2011 - about 20 weeks after finishing chemo.

These photos were taken 9/27/2011 - I have some hair extensions in to make my hair look thicker.  The first photo has no extensions - the second photo is with extensions.  It definitely helps my hair look better.

This photo was taken 10/30/2011 - I have some hair extensions in to make my hair look thicker.

I finally caved and got my hair cut - not just the ends trimmed, but a real hair cut.  I feel HUMAN again!  This photo was taken 12/2/2011.

1/16/12 - my hair is all thick and looking good again!

Here you can see all the hair I lost around my hairline, forehead, temples and nape of neck....I now have major chemo curls!  (1/31/2012)


I hope these photos inspire you if you have to do chemo.  I know how hard this is, but you can do it!  I am no different than you are.  :)