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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Penguin Cold Caps Success Story

Since I have used Penguin Cold Caps I have been in contact with many other wonderful women that have used them too.  In my communications a fellow cold cap user has agreed to let me share her story and photos on my blog so that people can see that other women have had success with them too.  Here is Laura's story in her own words.

When I heard the word chemo, I don’t think I heard another word the oncologist said. I did not want chemo. All I knew about chemo was that it makes you sick and even worse, you lose your hair.  The thought of losing my hair was devastating. I would not look like me. I would look like a sick person.  I felt I would lose my privacy. My health should be something that is my choice to tell.  Once you lose your hair, that choice is gone. I did not want the sad looks and questions. I felt despair.

My daughter sent me a link to a website that she just happened to come across. It turned out to be the Penguin Cold Cap website. Neither of us had heard of cold cap therapy, but we couldn’t wait to find out about it. I immediately got on their website and inquired about cold caps. I was so excited to hear back from Frank (the inventor) that very day. Could I really keep my hair?  I couldn’t believe it!

I have completed my chemo treatments and have kept all of my hair. Seeing myself throughout chemo looking like my old self helped me get through it with a positive attitude; look good, feel good!  The people I work with told me they couldn’t believe I was going through chemo, I looked so healthy.

I read that 10% of women will not undergo chemo because they don’t want to lose their hair. Most women say losing their hair was the most difficult side effect they faced, far more difficult than they had imagined. I am so happy I found out about the cold caps. When I look at myself and see my hair, I still can’t believe it!


Here is Laura before chemo

Laura wearing a Penguin Cold Cap on chemo day:

Here is Laura three weeks after her final chemo:


  1. That is so inspiring! I am beginning chemo in a week and have ordered the cold caps to give it a try. I am curious to know what both you and Laura had as a chemo regimen. I have been told my "cocktail" is often the most difficult. But I am hopeful and motivated!! I love your blog as I too am a young mother who was floored by this diagnosis of breast cancer!

  2. I had taxotere and cytoxan. I will double check and see what Laura had for chemo and let you know. I know people that have used them with success with a variety of different chemo meds. Check out the threads on www.breastcancer.org for other success stories from cold cap users. Many have also posted their tips for using them there which helped me a lot through the process. I am sorry you have been diagnosed and have to go through this Maia. It is not fun, but you will get through it. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs and good luck!

  3. Aww, I just stumbled upon this. I am Laura's daughter. She is doing great & cancer free. Cold caps are amazing.

  4. Glad all is well.....we are trying to get the word out there that there are options to keep your hair during chemo! I am glad Laura was willing to share her story and photos! Every little bit helps!