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Thursday, July 24, 2014

I Got The Text This Time

Last time someone I know was diagnosed with breast cancer, I got the phone call for help and information.  A few weeks ago....I got the text.  A good friend's mom was diagnosed with Stage 3 triple negative breast cancer.   This was hard for me to take since one of my good friends of over 15 years just finished treatment the week before.  My heart sank again. 

Every time someone I know gets diagnosed I get angry.  Why can't there be a cure for this beast?  It deeply saddens me to know that someone else has to live with the reality of breast cancer and the fear that is associated with it.  Since my own diagnosis I have had many friends and acquaintances get diagnosed.  Breast Cancer is EVERYWHERE!  I just never knew how prevalent it was.  Now it touches my life in so many ways and far to often. 

I continue to pray every day for a cure or even a vaccine to prevent the disease from ever happening again.  For now I also continue to offer support and an ear to those going through diagnosis and treatment.  Since starting this blog I have talked to many women - especially those using cold caps through chemo.  It makes me feel good to give back and to offer hope to someone that is holding on by a thread.  I hope one day I won't have to help anyone with breast cancer because it no longer exists.


  1. Hi
    I've been following your blog, especially about the cold caps as I just started chemo last Friday and am using the chemo cold caps not penguin. We'll see how it goes.
    I wanted to ask you about the rash you had while on taxotere. I read your post on the breast cancer forums and I too have been itching and a terrible rash on my chest that just grows each day and it's only been a week. Did you continue with taxotere or did they switch you to taxol? I'm worried about continuing if it's this bad already.
    Love your blog. God bless

  2. I did not develop the rash until after my 3rd chemo I believe. They kept me on taxotere and said it was not from the chemo. Knowing what I know now after the fact...I believe the chemo caused me to become more sensitive to things and develop allergies because it messes with your immune system. All of a sudden I found I was allergic to my laundry soap and I had been using it for a long time. Once I finally figured it out and changed laundry soaps, the rash went away. You may be having an issue with the taxotere or becoming allergic to something else. I did also see a dermatologist because I was miserable. They tried to solve the problem but could not figure it out. They did prescribe some steroids and topical steroids to help. Did you try benedryl? I also used Sarna - found in the first aid section of the drug store. It had a cooling effect. After a while my skin felt like it was flaming and on fire. This provided a little relief for a while.

  3. Hi. My name is Alex 34 years old. I am about to start the same chemo regimen you did and going to use cold caps. Please email me alexandrabray@hotmail.com so we can chat. I hope to hear from you very soon!!!!!

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