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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My Hair Eight Months Post Chemotherapy

I know I have not posted a hair photo in a while so here you go.  As I mentioned in my blog a while ago, I finally broke down and got my long hair cut back in November.  It looked good except for because it was so long the ends looked very thin and very dry from the chemo.  I went to an all organic hair salon and consulted with a hair stylist there and asked her for help in doing something with my hair.  She was so kind and patient and gave me her best advice and best haircut. I trusted her and she did me right!  Here is what my hair looked like when I got it cut back in November:

You can see the bangs there which is the regrowth from the hair I lost at my hairline.  My hair stylist cut a few more bangs to blend them in.

Here is what my hair looks like now:

I have been using Naturtint Hair Color (available at Whole Foods or online at Amazon) which has less chemicals in it.  The color I am using is Light Chestnut Brown.  I have used it now a few times and it covers well and has not been harsh on my hair.  After completing chemo, I did not use permanent hair colors.  I started out using a wash out type hair color.  I used Clairol's Beautiful Collection.  I purchased it at Sally's Beauty Supply.  It was OK but did not cover well but it had no ammonia or peroxide and my hair was so fragile I made it work.  I was glad to have some color at that point as my roots were a few inches long from how much my hair grew during chemo.  The color does wash out after 6-8 washes and it will stain towels (so use old towels).  It worked for me at that time but I am much happier now that I am using the Naturtint which is permanent.


  1. Newly diagnosed with ovca, stage 1, will need chemo. Reading with hope and interest your info on cold caps. Am in the chicago area--were you able to do this at any hospital here?

  2. I actually did my treatment in Michigan before we moved here. My medical oncology office in Michigan had them. Most people that use them are not that lucky. You usualy order them directly from Penguin Cold Caps and they are shipped to you. Then you bring a cooler with the caps packed on dry ice. There is an organization called The Rapunzel Project that donates freezers to medical oncology offices for cold cap usage. They have a website. Many doctors are not very familiar with cold caps and deter patients from using them - quite honestly they feel it is "just hair" and don't care much. Bring studies and discuss it with your medical oncologist. I know some women with OVCA have used them. Good luck!

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