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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Studies on Penguin Cold Caps

When I was deciding on whether I should use Penguin Cold Caps or not to keep my hair through chemotherapy, I reviewed as much information that I could find.   I needed to understand things clinically and make sure I was making a good choice.  I first started with the Penguin Cold Cap website for studies and general information.  http://www.msc-worldwide.com/scalpmets.html

I also read about the Rapunzel Project which is a great organization that donates freezers to infusion centers so that patients have an easier time using cold caps.  http://rapunzelproject.org/News.aspx

I also read various studies.  Here are some links to the clinical studies I reviewed online regarding use of scalp cooling and cold caps:








Again there are many misconceptions about scalp cooling and cold caps.  Most physicians are not educated well about them and don't take the time to even explore the technology.  While I realize their main goal is to treat cancer and not hair issues, hair loss is a very real side effect to chemotherapy.  A patients overall well being, emotional attitude and physical well being should all be considered.  I do believe that if you feel better about yourself while you are going through the worst experience of your life it directly effects your attitude and how you feel physically.  I hope as time goes on more medical oncologists will realize this and have more compassion for cancer patients that lose their hair.  Based on how clinicians act now, we have a long road ahead to change the way they think.

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