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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Cold Cap Success Story!

I have had the opportunity to meet many cold cap users over the past three years and occasionally one is willing to share her experience and story on my blog.  I am pleased to share another story about someone's experience using Penguin Cold Caps.  I hope this helps other women realize they have a choice while going through chemo and that cold caps REALLY DO WORK!  

Here is her story in her words:

There are many reasons that women (and some men) use Cold Caps.  My decision to use the Caps stems from my desire to avoid the added trauma of seeing myself bald.   I recognize that my emotional and psychological wellbeing is important and deserving of care.  The diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer is traumatic in of itself.  Throughout this ordeal I have made it my mission to avoid and reduce as many side effects as I can.  This, of course, included my efforts to save my hair.  The caps were also a welcome distraction from the cancer.  Chemo can be frightening.  I was too busy trying to save my hair to think about the chemo.  I had four rounds of TC and ultimately saved 50% of my hair.  The regrowth of lost hair is happening quickly.  I use Biotin and Liquid Silica to help it along. 

It is important to have realistic expectations when using the cap.  Most people do lose a substantial amount of hair but never need a wig or scarf.  I’m really not the type of person to wear a wig and imagine it to be hot and itchy.  My hair thinned a lot but the regrowth is filling in quickly.  The downside of capping is the expense and the added effort.  It is a labor intensive project that requires assistance from others.  In the end, however, I am very happy to have kept enough of my hair that I can look in the mirror each day and not feel the distress of alopecia.

I am truly grateful to my friends who accompanied me to each infusion and managed my caps.  I call them my “Mad Cappers”.  They actually made chemo fun.  We had a nice spread for lunch and they entertained me with stories and jokes.  My final infusion was a chemo party.  Here is the video:   http://www.magisto.com/video/P10aJEgWGj4rDxNpYw    I also appreciate the help and advice I’ve received from other Cold Cappers.  Although I was skeptical about my about the efficacy of the caps, it was the photos on breastcancer.org and Maria’s blog that convinced me.  Thanks Maria!

If you wish to contact me, I am on breastcancer.org and my handle is Warrior_Woman. 

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