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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I Need A Makeover

It has been almost 7 months since I finished chemo.  Life has been crazy with moving out of state and all but it has been WAY too long since I did something with myself!  Ugh!  I have never let myself go so bad.  Gotta love just one more side effect of breast cancer!

Before breast cancer, I had my hair cut every eight weeks - like clockwork.  I use to schedule my appointments eight weeks in advance.  I use to get my hair colored every few weeks.  There was never even a gray root visible to most.  Now it's a struggle to just wash my hair and put make up on!  I really need a makeover or something!

I have never considered myself a vain person or always primping but BC has allowed me to let myself go.  NO MORE!  I am going to schedule an appointment to get my make up done.  I need someone to help me camouflage these dark circles under my eyes for sure.  I look so pale with winter coming.  I hope this make up artist can perform miracles!

I also need to get something done with this hair.  I used cold caps to keep my hair through chemo but it is much thinner and frizzier than my pre-chemo hair.  I am kind of hating it and ready for a new look.  I was referred to a hair stylist that uses all organic products so I am going to call and get something done with this hair for sure! 

I am ready for a new look and a new me...cancer free!  I am gonna go for it!  No more post chemo excuses for me.  I need to put myself together again and soon!!

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