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Thursday, July 12, 2012

A "Little" Inspiration

Sometimes inspiration comes to you from unexpected sources.  Since I am a fitness professional and have been for years, I am use to being the one to try to inspire and encourage people to workout hard.  The other day I had a startling revelation that I have raised a real "mini me"!  My son has taken over the coaching role and has been a source of inspiration and encouragement for ME!  It really caught me off guard.

This was our conversation as we were walking into the gym one day last week:

Me:  "Oh honey, I am tired today and I don't feel like working out."
My Son:  "Mommy, you have to.  You should run today."
Me:  "I should run today?"
My Son:  "Yes, you should run 8 miles"
Me:  "8 miles?  I don't think I can today"
My Son:  "You can do it Mommy, you have done it before"

What could I say to that????  So I got in there and ran the dang 8 miles.  After my workout we were leaving the gym and here was the conversation:

Me:  "Well, I ran the 8 miles"
My son"  "Good Mommy, I am proud of you.  Next time you can run 10 miles"

OMG!  I was trying to contain myself.  He is going to kill me!  Now I know what it feels like to have someone coach me!

I guess it made me realize why I have done EVERYTHING I have done with my breast cancer treatment in the past year and a half.  I did it all for him.   I am so happy to be here and feeling good.  I cherish the time I spend with my son and am inspired by him every day.  I still dread the day that I have to explain my breast cancer to him (he still doesn't know I had it or did chemo), but I will remind him that if I can run 8 miles then I am fine.  Sometimes inspiration really does come from unexpected sources.  Oh and if you are wondering, I have not attempted the 10 miles yet.  I will though, but I will be afraid to tell my son because then he will want me to run 12 miles.  I have been thinking about doing a half marathon and at this rate, my son will have me ready soon!!

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  1. Thanks for the inspiration. I started chemo on June 5 and have only managed a mile walk twice. I'm so tired and worried I might fall. But this morning I said enough. I can sit on the incumbent bike at least. So I peddled for 30 minutes and found your posting as I was peddling. Guess God wants me to keep it up.