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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Coming Out Of the BC Closet

I have been writing this blog anonymously since my diagnosis in December.  I guess I chose to be anonymous because I was ashamed of my cancer and what comes with it.  I will never really be OK with having cancer, but now I am at a place with things where I am OK with telling others that I had breast cancer.  I just don't care anymore who knows all that much.  I guess with time you just get use to it and realize that it's a part of who I am now. 

Now that so much time has gone by and I have had time to digest my diagnosis and get through treatment, I have decided to reveal myself to those of you that read my blog.  I also want to share photos of the success I have had with using Penguin Cold Caps to keep my hair through chemotherapy.  I want others to see that you don't have to look like a cancer patient.  You can look like a normal, healthy, vibrant woman.  So if you are curious, stay tuned and photos will follow soon.  Since I am moving this week it may take me time to get to the camera as it is packed for the move. 

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