"Don't spend time worrying about how you are going to die. Worry about how you are going to live today"

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Enjoying the Little Things

Sometimes it is the very simple things in life that make you think.  Today I was weeding the garden beds and it left me very alone with my thoughts for quite a long time (we have lots of gardens!).  I started to realized that prior to going through breast cancer, I never had time to appreciate things.  I never had time to weed the gardens.  I was too busy working, doing too many things and hurrying around.  Things are so different now.

Today as I weeded the gardens, I took time to appreciate the sun shining down on me.  I enjoyed the breeze blowing my hair (which I thought would never happen once I found out I would have chemo - thank you cold caps for allowing me to keep my hair!).  I listened to the sounds of the neighborhood and the train in the distance.  I could hear kids playing in the park and laughing.  It was peaceful and calming. 

In my pre-breast cancer life, I just didn't have time to stop and enjoy things and appreciate the moment.  I never thought a boring chore like weeding gardens would be something I would appreciate, but I guess after breast cancer I have started to enjoy the little things in life a lot more.

When I think about how breast cancer has changed me, I think about how much I took things for granted before.  I guess I was so busy trying to get things done I just didn't take time to be thankful.  Now I try to be thankful for every day and some of the simple things that get lost in the daily shuffle. 

I wish that others around me could learn this from me, but unless they have gone through a life changing experience like cancer, they just don't get it.  It's hard for me when they complain about very trivial things when there are much worse things that could be happening to them.  I guess I was that way before the breast cancer too.  For now I will take in each day and try to enjoy the little things like weeding the garden, feeling the wind blow my hair and feeling the warmth of the sun shining down on me.  These are the little things that make me feel calm, at peace and happy.  We all need more of that.

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