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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Itch Free for Real??

It has been about 10 days now with no itching!  I am celebrating as I have been itching since before Easter...yes, I said BEFORE Easter!  I never had a severe skin reaction or allergy like this before.  I have had some rashes and have always had sensitive skin, but nothing has ever lasted for months like this.  I am kind of scared to even put in print that my itching is gone as it cycles and has come back so many times before.

This time my dermatologist said she feels I am having an allergic reaction to something I am eating or coming in contact with.  We cut out all vitamins, supplements, nuts and I am using a special soap.  So far, so good!  Now if I only knew what I was really allergic to.  I have had low vitamin D and chemo left me anemic so I need to get on my vitamin D, vitamin C and iron supplements again soon.  I will have to introduce them one at a time and try to figure out if any of them is the issue. 

I have also cut out nuts which is hard since I don't get enough protein.  Following the Anti Cancer type diet makes it very challenging for me to get enough protein in unless I am home to cook all the time.  With our upcoming move and such, I am so busy it is hard to be home enough so when I eat out, I eat mostly salad and veggies only.  Every time we travel I lose weight because I can't eat anything but salad.  We were in Chicago for a few days again and I lost a few more lbs.   At least I lost the 5 lbs I gained during chemo when I was hungry all the time! 

Now that the itching is better, I fixated on my hair again.  It is still shedding a lot.  For the last few days I have just kept it clipped up or in a pony tail so I did not have to deal with it at all.  The days I wear it down, I feel hair fall on my arms ALL DAY...it drives me nuts and serves as a constant reminder that I am shedding a ton.  It stresses me out.  I have to say that wearing it up helps me not focus on how much is falling out all day long.  That's a good thing.

I have to wash my hair again on Saturday...it's my son's 5th birthday party.  When I started this journey I never imagined I would be looking like this on his birthday.  That is a wonderful gift.  I have had my exchange surgery with my new implants that I love.  I still have my hair too.  I can't wait to welcome our friends and celebrate this birthday with them all before we move.  It will be our last shin-dig in our wonderful home.  I will miss our parties and all the amazing memories we created here......this feels like home.  Maybe by moving it will help me start with a clean slate...cancer free with my hair.  I am going to focus on that and try not to be so sad about leaving here.

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