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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Moving on

I am moving on in more than one way.  We are definitely moving.  My husband accepted a job in Chicago and starts on 7/26.  My head is spinning.  I am trying to continue recovering from my surgery and now I have to put my house up for sale this week..yikes!  I thought life was crazy before.  It just went completely nuts!

I am doing ok from surgery but still have pain in one of my ribs.  The last few days it has been painful when I move or try to do anything.  I guess that is why my plastic surgeon wants me home from work for a month...it makes sense.  I guess even if you think you feel OK you have to continue to rest and let you body recover from the surgery.  I am going crazy not exercising....I can't wait until my doctor clears me to hit the gym.  With all the stress of breast cancer and now moving, the exercise is really needed!

I guess it is nice to have a distraction from breast cancer.  The last several days were busy with talking to the relocation specialist, the realtor in Chicago and meeting with the two realtor's here that want to list our home.  My poor husband is painting the bathroom, putting up new blinds and cleaning the closet.  Boy we have lived here almost 7 years and I am have wanted to get rid of those stupid blinds in our bathroom the entire time!  I guess it took moving to do it!  Now the new owner will have nice blinds...not those ugly ones that we hated.

I was feeling very overwhelmed before we formally made the decision to move.  Now I seem focused on just doing what needs to be done to make it happen.  I am glad I am off work right now so I can make these phone calls and get things organized.  I find my poor husband is completely stressed out.  I keep telling him "it will be OK".  I guess it is role reversal.  He has been telling me that for the last 7 months.  It feels good to take care of him now and be the one reassuring him for a change. 

So we are moving on.  I hope that when we move I can feel like it is a new start and move beyond breast cancer too.  It will be hard to leave family and friends behind.  That will make me sad.  I know even as badly as I want to leave breast cancer behind, it will be hard.  I wish I could just "move away" from breast cancer but it will never be that simple.  For now I will look to the future with hope - oh and hair!

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  1. Here's to moving on and leaving BC behind! (Even if only metaphorically!)