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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

How Much Difference One Year Makes

Tomorrow it will be one year exactly since they told me they thought I had breast cancer and did five biopsies.  So much has happened since then.  In some ways I can't believe it has already been a year, but in other ways I feel like it was a long year.  Either way, I am still dealing with the major changes in my life since that dreaded day.

In two days I will have what should be my final reconstruction surgery.  I remember after I found out I had breast cancer and met with doctors I told myself "this crap is going to take one year" to get through.  On my surgery day, it will be exactly 366 days.  Crazy.

At this point I am so sick of surgeries, doctors and even needles!  I am not as nervous as I was for prior surgeries but I guess that is because by now I am a "pro" at this crap.  I can also see how some women get to this point and they just say "screw it" and don't do further reconstruction.  I could easily do that at this point, but I told myself it would be one year so I am just going to do it.  I am not looking forward to it at all....I just want it over with!

So last year for Christmas I got breast cancer,  This year I am getting nipples and areolas.  That is something I never thought I would get for Christmas!  I sure hope they are pretty!  LOL!

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