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Monday, December 5, 2011

The "New" Me

I never thought I would be nervous about going to the hair salon, but I was.  So much so that I put off going to get a cut and style for months.  Had we not moved out of state and away from the hair stylist I had gone to for years, I don't think I would have put this off.  Now that we moved and I had to find a hair stylist that I did not know and go in and explain my hair situation in the middle of a salon with other people there made me so nervous and uncomfortable I just didn't do it. 

I finally just got so sick of my hair.  I have not had a professional hair cut since before I started chemo.  So the last hair cut I had was in February!  Since I used the Penguin Cold Caps to save my hair through chemo, my hair did continue to grow through chemo.  When I got done with chemo I had my sister cut a few inches off once and I had my husband cut some off the bottom another time.  At this point I have been in desperate need of a hair cut and new hair style! 

I found an organic salon in my area and called.  They were so nice on the phone when I explained my situation.  They scheduled an appointment for me with the owner of the salon.  When I arrived the salon was pretty empty as it was the middle of the day which immediately put me at ease knowing I would not have to talk to her about all of my hair issues from chemo with other people in the salon.  It worked out great!

The hair stylist was so patient and kind.  She made me feel so comfortable.  I hated to cut my long hair but she looked it over and thought that if I cut it to the shoulders it would look a lot thicker.  She brought over hair style books and showed me all kinds of options.  She also had a plan to blend in the new hair growing in around my hairline, temples, side burns and nape of my neck (where the cold caps didn't cover so well).  I put my faith in her and let her do what she does best.

So I left the salon feeling like a million bucks!  I felt like I actually looked good too!  My hair is much shorter than I have had in years, but it is a cute, trendy, easy to manage hair style and the best part is, it does not look thin at all!  I am no longer needing to wear hair extensions and I no longer feel self conscious about my hair.  I feel like a new woman! It is just what I needed!

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  1. Way to go girl! I'm so happy for you. I'm considering extensions too. It's been 3 months since my last chemo and I think my hair might be too short for extensions. You look fabulous. Min