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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

75% done with nasty old chemo!

Today I completed my 3rd of 4 treatments with taxotere and cytoxan.  It feels GOOD to have one more session down and done!  Only one more chemo to go!  I never thought I would get here.  When I started chemo, today seemed so far away. 

Today was uneventful.  Chemo went as expected which is good.  I met with my medical oncologist first to review blood work.  All looked OK so that was good news.   I got the nerve to ask her when I could teach aerobics again and she gave me an OK!  She said I have done so well through chemo and she does not believe she is looking at someone still doing chemo.  She said "you don't look or act sick".  I am going to get myself on the aerobics schedule as soon as I can in the next few weeks.  I have not taught a class since late January.  I can't wait to see all my people again and do something "normal".

After meeting with the oncologist it was time for chemo. I started with my usual pre-chemo cocktail including benedryl and ativan.  I started my cold caps...they were a bit chilly at first but then I could not really feel that so much.  Quite honestly the part that is MOST uncomfortable is icing my fingers and toes during the taxotere portion of chemo.  Oh my God is that horrible!  It is ten times worse than wearing a cold cap.  The total amount of time I ice fingers and toes is about 1 1/2 hours and seems like an eternity.  I kept asking my husband "how many more minutes?" over and over again.  I felt like a kid in the car asking "are we there yet?".  I could not help myself...it is just that bad for me.  Thank goodness I only have to do that one more time..........

I remained a little doped up and out of it for chemo. The meds even made me a bit tired.  We were there all day as the cold cap protocol lasts for hours.  By the time I got home it was 5pm.  We had a quick dinner and then went outside to play in the yard with our little one (it finally felt like spring here today!).  I am feeling fine.   My appetite was a little off today but that usually happens each time.  I know I will be starving in the next few days and eat way too much (that happens every time too!).  Oh well.  I will hit the gym in the morning and try to work some of it off!

I can only hope this round goes as uneventful in the coming days as the last round of chemo went.  I am going to remain hopeful and optimistic on this!!!

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