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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Enjoying feeling good before more chemo

Time flies when you are having chemo!  I can't believe next week I will be ready for chemo #3!  After that I will be 75% completed.  It seems like the weeks in between chemo just fly by so fast.  It's funny because when I started chemo it seemed like it would last forever.  Now I can barely enjoy my time in between because time goes so quickly.

I have my weekly blood draws.  Last week they said the iron levels had dropped so I stared iron tablets daily.  This week they said my platelets were dropping a bit.  The levels are not too low for me to get the next chemo, but we have to watch the levels.  Unfortunately there is nothing I can do to help with platelet levels, but I continue to eat foods high in iron daily when I can to help with the iron levels.

I feel good for going through chemo.  I have continued to exercise 5 days a week since chemo started and the only days I have missed have been infusion days.  I do get some tiredness in my thighs at the end of the day (a slight burning feeling like my legs were tired from a workout) but for the most part that's the only side effect I am experiencing.  I can live with that!

The Penguin Cold Caps seem to be doing their job.  My hair is still hanging on.  When I look in the mirror, it's a full head of hair which makes me happy.  I continue to notice more strands than average fall out each day, but no clumps come out and I have no bald spots or anything.  My friends and family only notice I don't wear my usual hair style (blown out straight) so it looks different to them, but really it still looks like my hair.

I have 4 more weeks until I am finished with chemo!  I am over half way there at this point.  I am so glad to know I am pushing through it.  So far, it has been way easier than I thought.  I can only hope and pray that the rest goes just like that.  I am going to stay optimistic that this is how it will go!

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