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Monday, April 18, 2011

Chillin' with my hair

This past weekend I was completely lazy and it felt good!  I don't workout on the weekends.  I try to rest since I hit the gym Monday through Friday.  I can tell you that not working out does make me more tired and way more lazy.  I really did nothing to speak of this weekend.

The most activity I got this weekend was washing my hair...yes, washing my hair.  You know if you have been reading my blog that washing the hair is a very big deal for me since I am fighting hard to keep my hair every day while going through chemo using the Penguin Cold Caps.  So the update is it is now 47 days since I started chemo and I still have a full head of hair.  It is not particularly pretty looking since I can't style it like I normally would, but it is hair and I will take that!  Most people on my chemo lose all hair by day 18 after starting chemo so I know I am very lucky that I read about Penguin Cold Caps!

On Saturday morning I did wash my hair and of course I freak out every time thinking it is all going to fall out.  I did lose some hair, but it was less than I have in the past few washes.  It seems like the shedding has still diminished a little which is nice.  It's funny because I was so worried about losing hair during chemo I did not think about my hair growing during chemo.   I need to "get in touch with my roots" as my darker hair color and gray is coming in!  Yikes!  I am shocked to see that I have about 3/4" of NEW growth since I last dyed my hair (which was in February!).   I am so excited that I not only have my hair, but it continues to grow during chemo!  That's a good feeling given the alternative of being bald.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your experiences. I have just recently "found" you. Your experiences are helping me work through my breast cancer and treatments. So many similar thoughts-including our blog backgrounds! Soon enough we both will be able to say, "we are cancer free!" Yea!