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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hair is still hanging out

So here I sit two weeks after chemo still fighting off an allergic reaction to the last round.  On the last two chemo's I experienced a horrible rash that just won't leave.  It's so itchy and uncomfortable.  I have scabs all over from itching and bruises all over my legs from itching.  I must have 15 bruises on my one calf and last time I had over 20 bruises on one thigh!  Gross!  I am glad it cooled off here so I don't need to wear shorts so these ugly legs are covered up! 

I am still pampering my hair.  It's still there so the cold caps seem to have done their job.  I am still only washing my hair once a week as I still notice some shedding.  I am just too scared to wash it more than once a week.  I am afraid that too much will come out!  Today it looks disgusting....really!  I actually put a hat on to cover that up!

The interesting thing is that my hair has grown a ton during chemo.  I need to "get in touch with my roots" badly!  Lord it must be 1 1/2 inches of roots that need to be touched up.  I guess this way people must realize it's my real hair - they can't sell wigs that look like this for sure!  I am just shocked that my hair has continued to grow so much during chemo.  Seems crazy to me.

I can't wait to wash my hair on Saturday...that's the big day for washing for me.  I hope it stops shedding soon so I can color my hair again.  For now I cringe when I see the roots...ick!  Oh well...I keep reminding myself..."a bad hair day is better than a no hair day".......

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