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Monday, May 9, 2011

It's all about the hair now

Now that chemo is done and my body won't have to get any more of it, it's all about the hair!  I still have a full head of hair, but I still have to be so gentle with it and hardly wash it or style it.  Ugh!   Don't get me wrong - I am grateful to have hair after chemo.  It's just hard to see it continue to shed, not be able to style it the way I want or just wash it more than once a week.  But then again, a bad hair day is still better than a no hair day.....

At this point the hair is hanging on.  It has thinned a bit, but I don't think anyone else can really tell.  I have lost some around the hair line and side burn area, but again I can only notice that.  My ponytail is a bit thinner, but that's OK.  I just started using some hair extensions to thicken it up a bit and it looks so much better even with only one small hair extension.  It just makes me feel better when I wear them though no one else can really tell my hair thinned.

So based on all this, I can honestly say Penguin Cold Caps really work.  It's amazing to think that I went though chemo and ended with hair.  One of my biggest fears was losing my hair.  I just didn't want my son to see me that way or remember me that way.  The thought of that broke my heart.  I can't believe I did it - chemo and kept my hair. 

I will continue to be gentle and kind to my hair in the coming weeks and hope the shedding stops soon.  I long for the day when I can color my hair and just wash it without a care.  That seems like it will be so far away..... For now, I am so grateful to have hair.  I can just close the door on chemo and move on.  That feels good.

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