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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hair is falling

I finished chemo almost 5 weeks ago which I still can't believe.  I just kind of thought that after chemo my hair would stop shedding so much.  I did do cold caps to save my hair and they worked - I do have a full head of hair still (which is great!), but I am still shedding.  I feel like now that chemo is over the shedding has been greater.  Maybe it is just a phase...let's hope so! 

I have long hair down to the middle of my back and during the past several days I keep feeling hair tickling my arms...it is more hair just trying to fall out that is hanging down from my hair.  I am so sick of finding these and removing them all day long!  Ugh!  When will the shedding stop???  I hope soon.

I am so glad I did the cold caps to keep my hair.  It has made a huge difference to me and was worth the effort.  I still look like me with long, brown hair.  I guess the only difference is the very long roots (oh how I would love to get my hair colored!!!) and a bit thinner.  The good news is that I am the only one that notices the hair being thinner.  My best friend visited this weekend and she stared at my hair all Friday night and said "it's amazing that you were able to keep your hair and I have been studying it all night and I can't tell that you lost any".  That made my week....she is very honest and would tell me the truth. 

At this point, I will wait to color my hair even with the gentle no peroxide and no ammonia hair color kit.  I just want it to hang on more and have the shedding much less before I do anything that could be damaging to my hair.  I have never had roots so bad in my life......it's not pretty hair, but it's my hair.

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