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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bad healthcare providers.....

Today I also had my first blood check post chemo.  I met with the PA at my oncology office for the first time to review my blood counts.  She told me that everything was in a normal range and we went through each item on the blood draw list and discussed it.  That was good news. 

The part that was bad was the PA. Talk about bad health care providers.....she was awful!  There are some people that should just not be in the health care setting dealing with patients where compassion and kindness should be required.  I have never been treated like that by any health care provider in my life.  It's completely wrong.  I am contemplating not going back to see her and requesting someone else. 

This was how the conversation started after she reviewed my blood work.
PA:  So how have you been feeling after chemo - any side effects?

Me:  I got a yeast infection (I was still talking - didn't get to say anything or explain and she cut me off mid sentence.......)

PA:  How do you know it was a yeast infection? (in a very annoyed voice like I thought I was a self proclaimed doctor).

Me:  I went to my gyno and she did a culture then treated it.

PA: (she was all annoyed because I went to the gynocologist...when she finally shut up I told her I already had the appointment scheduled for Monday morning for a pap and it started on Sat night so it seemed as though she could handle it).  Then she asked "what did she treat you with?"

Me:  an internal cream and external cream...I did not bring the information with me but I can call you when I get home.

PA:  no, that won't be necessary.  Anything else?

Me:  I had horrible constipation and ended up with an enema at 5am on Sat morning

PA:  We DON'T advocate enemas while on chemo!  (like anyone would should ever advocate them...did she think I wanted to do this???  If someone does an enema they are desperate...trust me!)  Don't do that again!  That is in the past now so let's talk about what you SHOULD do next time.  You should take stool softeners.  (said like she was scolding a 5 year old).

Me: I did take stool softeners, they don't work and I wound up with an enema  because I was in agony.

PA:  Don't tell me they don't work unless you take them the right way...two in the morning and two in the evening.

Me:  I did take two in the morning and night and I still needed the enema - it was 5am on Saturday, I had no choice.  I asked the doctor if I could take a laxative the day of chemo to prevent this but I was told not to.  I has also asked if I should take stool softeners that day of chemo and I was told no......I should wait because I may not have that issue.

PA:  Oh. 

Me: I really didn't think at 5am on Saturday morning I should page the doctor on call to tell him I couldn't poop.  So, I plan on taking a laxative next chemo day. 

PA:  Take a stool softener

Me:  It didn't work for me last time.  It also did not work when I took them twice a day for 4 days with laxatives the last two of those days post surgery...suppositories did not work and I was forced to do an enema.  I was in horrible pain.  I usually suffer from diarrhea because I have IBS so I don't ever get constipation so this is a bad situation given I always have diarrhea.   So can I take Senakot (stool softener plus laxative) the day of chemo?

PA:  Ok.  Take one Senakot in the morning of chemo and then 2 stool softeners that night.

Me: OK (I wrote it down)

This was only the first part of our conversation....you should hear the lecture I got for working out.  I DON'T want to go see her every week during chemo. She's horrible.   She acted like I was a pain in the butt patient.  I also went off on her about the port because they refused to draw my blood (done weekly) from the port.  They will only use my veins (oh what fun when you have a port and that's what it is for).  I basically found out from her that they don't want to use my port for blood draws because it is inconvenient for the nurses because they are busy with chemo.  Are you kidding me?  Am I crazy?  

I told her I was talked into getting a port and it was NEVER discussed with my prior that it would only be for chemo only.  I don't know why I even got the port...then she said something to the effect  of "if it's too difficult for you to get poked for a blood draw I am sure we can works something out...."  I handled a bilateral mastectomy so I really don't think a blood draw is "traumatic" for me.  I just prefer you use the port because that is what it is for.  I was so mad.  I said "I am over it...I don't care about the blood draws...the point is this was POOR communication and someone should have made that clear to me before I was talked into getting a port.  I would have not got the port and had an additional surgery for only four chemo sessions".   OMG!  I have to see her EVERY week during chemo........I want to see if they have another PA.  She was horrible and unprofessional. 

I feel like if you are an educated patient they view you as a pain in the ass.  They prefer stupid patients that have no questions and simply smile and nod like a puppet.  They prefer people that will feel sick and then call and whine begging for help for stupid shit verses a patient that is proactive and prefers to avoid the side effects.  I can't believe that this woman is in a profession dealing with people that have cancer. 

Sorry, I had to get that off my chest.....

On a positive note, I am doing much better today.  Yesterday's bone pain was agonizing for me.  I was so tired by last night.  I took a xanax and went to bed.  Last night I actually slept the best I have in the last week.  I woke up feeling like a "new woman"!  Thank God.  Yesterday's woman was feeling pretty crappy!  I managed to get to the gym and workout for 40 minutes (yea!) and run a bunch of errands.  By 7pm tonight I was a bit tired, but not bad.  If I stay like this, I can do the chemo OK.

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  1. I really enjoy your blogs. This sounds just like me! We need to remember we are in control - not Doctors. We need to let them know when we are experiencing pain. I too suffer from IBS and am used to 3 great bowel movements w/ 30 minutes. I have numerous old tag hemmoroids and anal fissures and have dealt with this for years. Now Chemo trmt is screwing me all up and I will NOT let this happen. Yes enemas are needed!