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Friday, March 4, 2011

Two days after chemo...still good!

It is now Friday and I had the first chemo on Wednesday.  I am feeling great.  I am shocked and stunned.  I keep waiting to feel crappy because everyone says I will feel bad at some point.  I will take the great day that I had today and savor that!

Today I was up early as usual.  Got my son dressed and ready for school.  We had breakfast and got ready to leave for school.  My only complaint was the little bit of constipation that started this morning.  I never have constipation - I usually have diarrhea because I have IBS so I know the chemo has something to do with that.  At least it wasn't that bad though.

The best moment of the morning was my 4 year old son helping me.  He often has constipation and I usually will sit in the bathroom on the step stool with him when he is trying to go and can't.  I will encourage him and tell him to gently push the poopies out.  We will talk and I will try to relax him so he can go when this happens.  Today when it was time to leave for school I told him I had to go to the bathroom but it may be a few minutes because I was having a hard time going poop.  I explained that the special medicine the doctors gave me makes it hard for me to go potty.  He said "OK".  I went in the bathroom and a minute later he came in and pulled up the step stool and sat down.  He said "it's OK mommy, you will push the poopies out".  He then opened up his new, favorite Star Wars Lego book and started to show me the pages and try to read it to me while I tried to go.  When I was finally able to go he said "Mommy, I can see the poopies coming out!  You did a good job".  That was priceless......

After my poop diversion, I dropped him off at school and headed to the gym.  I worked out for an hour doing circuit training and weights.  It felt so good to workout like I use to (at a little lighter pace - but better than just walking).  I stretched good and got on with my day.  I had one more tissue expander fill today.  I am now 410cc's.  It's not hurting to bad yet.  I took some tylenol and am hoping for the best.  I don't know what is going on, but I am starving today!  Ugh!  I feel like I want to keep eating all day!  I am keeping up on the water to flush that crappy chemo out of my body.  Let's hope for the best tomorrow!

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