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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Half way done with chemo with hair too!

Today was day two of my four chemo sessions on taxotere and cytoxan.  Now that I am through that I am officially half way through my chemo journey.  I am so glad. 

The day started out rough as the steroids kept me up until 2:00am last night and I was up at 6:30am this morning to get my son ready for school as usual.  By the time I got him out the door I had to quickly pack food for the day and get everything together, take a shower and take all my meds.  We were out the door for the cancer center by 8:20am this morning with all of my food and hair saving gear. 

We met with my oncologist after my blood work.  Blood work is all in a good range so we could do chemo.  After reviewing a few things with her it was time to get started.  I had to get that first Penguin Cold Cap on......lord the first one is the worst.  It is like a brain freeze from drinking a frozen margarita way too fast. The good news is that like a brain freeze it doesn't last long.  The more I did the caps it was not that bad.  The hard part is freezing the fingers, toes and keeping ice in my mouth while wearing the cold caps during the taxotere drug.  That drug can cause neuropathy in fingers and toes and soars in the mouth.   The ice helps  prevent that.  Of all of these, icing my toes is the WORST! Ugh!  Once I was done with that, the caps didn't bother me really. 

It was a long day because of the caps.  You wear them 50 minutes before chemo, during chemo (my chemo is 2 hours) and then an additional 4 hours after chemo.  I am glad that long day is done!  The good news is I  am half way through chemo and I still have a full head of hair.  I hope it stays that way.  The cold caps are worth it!!!

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