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Friday, March 25, 2011

I am shedding....a little!

I know that by doing the Penguin Cold Caps it can help preserve your hair during chemo, but there is still some hair loss that can occur.  I have been waiting for the time in which my hair would start to shed a little.  I was so hopeful there would be no shedding after my first round of chemo.  I made it to the second round of chemo with no shedding, but yesterday it happened a little.

I had the first chemo on 3/2 and literally had no shedding until yesterday (3/23).  I am very gentle with my hair and barely comb it with the wide tooth comb each day to avoid any additional stress on my hair.  Up until yesterday I would only get a few hairs out of the comb (maybe 4-6).  Yesterday I combed one side and got at least 10 hairs.  I combed the other side and the same thing.  I combed the back - same thing.  Yikes!  Later in the day I still noticed more hair coming out in strands. 

I was told there would be days of shedding but everyone's reaction is different.  I thought maybe I was going to get by without it but......Oh well.  As long as it stops soon I will be OK.  I know that the hair down south shed for about 5 days at day 13 after chemo and then stopped shedding.  There is still some hair left (maybe 25%) so I am sure it will go soon now that I had chemo number two.  No one told me when I got diagnosed that I would get a free Brazilian!  I am not sure if that is a bonus or not....I think my husband may think so though.  (Like I really feel sexy right now....ha!).  I hope the shedding up top doesn't last for many days......oh God please let it stop!

At night to protect my hair I sleep in two loose braids and put my hair in a satin sleep cap and sleep on a satin pillow case just to avoid any pulling on my hair since it is longer.  Right now I am still in my braids...afraid to take them out and see the hair again!  Oh, it's going to be a long day and potentially a bad hair day at that since I have not been able to wash my hair since last Saturday!  (I have a hat for today and can wash tomorrow...but I am scared to wash now!).

I guess I have officially changed my obsession for my boobs over to a new obsession - hair!  At least with the boobs no one can really see anything - they are under my clothes.  With the hair it's just right out there for everyone to see - including me all day!  Yikes!  For now I am going to continue to have hope that my hair will stay with me.  It just hast to, right?????

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  1. i loved what u wrote :) hope u are doing better now!!! god bless