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Monday, January 10, 2011

Trying to get my act together

I just can't let this week go by without getting my act together and getting organized for the battle ahead of me.  I really don't feel like doing this stuff, but I have to.  I just can't lay around and feel sorry for myself.  This surgery, treatment and everything else IS going to happen whether I want it to or not, so I have to get moving.

The first thing I did early this morning was open the package on my day-planner pages for 2011 and get them in my planner.  I know that getting my calendar and "to-do" lists set up is the first step.  Now I have to create the never ending "cancer to-do list".  This seems completely overwhelming right now to me.  What a chore.

This week's tasks:
  Schedule appointment with nutritionist (free consultations offered by American
  Cancer Society)
  Read about organic foods/make lists
  Read about foods that fuel hormone receptor positive breast cancer/list of foods to
  Schedule lymphedema prevention course
  Contact my "breast cancer mentor" (survivor that can help me with the months ahead)
  Create final lists of questions for plastic surgeon and surgical oncologist
  Confirm surgery date
  Schedule pre-OP appointments with surgical oncologist and plastic surgeon
  Schedule annual physical (I need to make sure the rest of my body is OK I guess)
  Schedule annual PAP with gynecologist (I am due for this in January)
  Find a good physical therapist that can help me get moving again post OP
  Continue to exercise daily for a minimum of 30 minutes (for sanity purposes)
  Compile a list of things I need to purchase before surgery to make things easy and
  more comfortable
  Head to the book store - books on BC, nutrition, spiritual inspiration/hope
  Call my health insurance company/find out what's covered and not covered
  Plan at least one fun activity for next weekend with my son

I know there is more that I will need to do, but if I can just knock out these things, I will be proud of myself.  I know that tackling things will keep me busy.  I am usually not a procrastinator.  No one told me that with breast cancer you would also get a little bit of procrastination as a side effect. 

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