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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cancer is a full time job

I can't believe how much time it takes to do everything I need to do related to having cancer.  I am so glad I am on short term disability at this point because I am so busy just trying to keep up with all the cancer BS I don't know how I would get work done.  I know a ton of women go through breast cancer and work full time during treatment.  I commend them, really!  

I try to walk each morning because it is good for me.  Some days I don't want to so much, but I make myself go.  I do my rehabilitation exercises twice a day and attend a session with a physical therapist two days a week.  I am trying to get ready for chemo which seems to take a lot of time too.  I need to keep up with all the medical bills that seem to come every day in the mail (I got one today for my bilateral mastectomy surgery and yowsa!!! $24K - thank goodness I have great insurance and only have to pay a small amount!).  I also am trying to organize all the medications I have - what they are, how to take them and when to take them.  Figuring out what I can eat is a whole other story.  Making the switch to all natural and organic make up and health care products is exhausting too!  Trying to keep up with my medical records requires numerous phone calls as well.  I could go on and on.....I am overwhelmed just thinking about it. 

Right now my biggest task is getting ready for chemo.  Since I am doing the Penguin Cold Caps I have to get a bunch of things ready.  I will be faxing in payment and all of the forms tomorrow - and saying a huge prayer this will work well for me.  Then I have to get all the direction and teach my husband and helper how the process will go each time.  I am so lucky my husband and friends are on board to help me with this.  Now I need to investigate all new hair products and get the right one's that are recommended during this process.  That is on tomorrow's list!  Now I need to order an electric blanket to keep me warm on chemo days.  I need a satin cap and pillow case to sleep in so my hair is safer.  I need other things that will help me with the cold cap process....moleskin, gauze, etc....so I have some more shopping to do this week!  I did manage to get the special hair dye to cover up any gray that grows in....that was a priority!

Right now I just wish I had all of this stuff done and in place so I could just spend some time doing some "non-cancer" related things.  I guess I will spend the rest of the night making a huge list of things to get done in the next few days.  I hope over the weekend I can just "chill" with my family.  I need that right now. 

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