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Saturday, February 26, 2011

What a pain in the back!

I got my tissue expanders filled yesterday again.  Now I am up to 360cc's. This was my third fill in three weeks.  I kind of knew what to expect from the previous two fills and thought I would just have a tight chest for a few days and not sleep so well for the first two nights.  Last night was a rude awakening!  My chest is tight as expected, but my upper back is in agony!  I exercise all the time and have never experienced pain like this in my muscles.  My poor back is hurting constantly.  It's so uncomfortable I can barely sit propped up on pillows or lay on it propped up on pillows.  Ugh! 

I took some tylenol and that helped just a little.  The hot shower helped while I was in the shower, but the pain returned after I got out of the shower.  My husband rubbed my back and it even hurts to the touch.  All I can say is ouch! 

Last night I did take the xanax and a tylenol before bed.  I did finally fall asleep and slept for about 4-5 hours ok.  Then I was up and in pain again.  I did do my rehabilitation exercises and stretches last night and first thing this morning despite the pain thinking it would provide some relief.  It didn't really do that, but I will keep doing them anyway.  I have not been that uncomfortable in weeks from all of this. 

My poor back is going to take some time to get use to having these larger breasts I guess.  I hope this pain does not last long.  It is really hard to even find a position to get comfortable in.  So far the most comfortable thing is to sit up and just let my body hang forward and round out my upper back.  I can't sit like that for long, but it provides some relief.  Ugh......it is going to be a long day.  I am bummed because my husband got a sitter and planned a surprise date tonight!  He had even booked a hotel for the night but since I am so uncomfortable we both decided to sleep at home so I can have all of my favorite pillows.  I hope I can manage to enjoy the evening.  I feel so bad that my hubby planned this nice surprise and I feel so crappy.  I will go with a smile on my face and find a way to have some fun.  I am so excited but just wished I felt better.

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